The Cold Explodes Tv Debut

Violet Springs, describled by Ian Salmon as sparse loneliness is a haunting fairytale esque waltz from The Cold Explodes self titled debut album.

Acording to Manilarajj, This is one of the most beautifully isolating songs and for me, it’s been the topic of many debates as it quite literally unfolded before my eyes. I was in a terrible place and that song was the result. I feel like I had very little to do with it and the question is ‘was it my subconscious talking or something else?


The Cold Explodes perform ‘Violet Springs‘ for their Television debut.

The Cold Explodes live in concert.

The Cold Explodes - St Nicholas Church - Liverpool - 12.03.16 (Hi Res)-10

The launch concert for The Cold Explodes’ eagerly awaited ‘chilling debut album was held last week at St Nicholas Church, Liverpool. A stunningly perfect location to watch a mesmeric performance of ‘The Cold Explodes’ album in its entirety.

The Concert began with a number of Manilarajj prodigy’s performing piano recitals at the Bosendorfer piano situated at the foot of the altar.

A stunned silence falls across the church as Jah Shamas, Jo-ell Nduckwe and Oliver Mitchell perform faultless piano pieces from Beethoven and Einaudi to one of Manilarajj compositions that features on the album.

Such is the amazing talent and emotion that belies the age of the young musicians and preforming to a stunned sell out crowd takes more than just courage.

As the last performer bows to applause worthy of such great musicians behind the pieces they performed, so the build up to The Cold Explodes concert begins.

During the twenty minuets whilst the stage techs work their magic, we are audibly greeted with a continuous loop gaining in volume as it the minutes roll on.

The vast majority of the audience are seemingly unawares to the effect that this is having on the subconscious. I, seated alone, observe. Unnerved.

Desired emotions evoked.

Hauntingly illuminated, the church abruptly falls silent and darkness is cast upon us all. As the musician’s take position, Manilarajj is the last to the stage. He sits at the piano and without hesitation, begins.

I’m sending all the ships to sea, in the hope that they’ll fail.

What a powerful opening statment to set an isolating and painfully desperate shadow over us all.

Seamlessly the band move between tracks delivering a clear and precise message that perhaps, you are ‘safe at a distance, you’re safe where you are’.

The haunting beauty of the tracks weaved through the performance allows no escape to the overshadowing darkness that meanders its way inside you without hesitation.

Harrowed by situations beyond his control, Manilarajj carries the scars through his delivery of haunting melody so hopelessly tragic you can’t help but be moved.

As the choir take to the stage it’s becoming apparent just how breath taking this evening is becoming as we are granted a brief window into the mind behind The Cold Explodes.

The Encore sees another stunning performance from Chloe Ludden, who for those who do not know is the Ballet dancer featuring in the video for the second single ‘Sleep till Sunrise

You should be proud was the closing track to the evening dedicated to, amongst others, Nick Drake and John Lennon. Manilrajj speaks briefly about this years losses to the world of music and this song pays homage to all they have given.

‘You should be proud, you should be proud of it’.

I have seen many concerts in my time but not like this one. The attention to detail in all elements made this a truly special evening and one that I will not forget. The Cold Explodes are a must see.

If you have not already purchased this album, then I strongly recommend that you do. It will not disappoint.

Sleep til Sunrise single 2

‘Sleep till Sunrise’ is the hauntingly beautiful second single from the eagerly anticipated chilling debut album by The Cold Explodes. The Video features Manilarajj and dancer Chloe Luddon in a beautifully surreal depth of isolation.

We asked Manilarajj during the souncheck for his Album launch at Bluecoat Chambers about the track.

‘It’s essentially about the breakdown in communications with loved ones we have and the concerns of little ones caught up in the unrest. Do they see what we see. Feel what we feel. That concept concerns me a lot.’

The video represents two worlds. One of a better, more pure place and the other, a jagged reality?

‘Yeah. The more pure of the two being with in our grasp, we just choose to ignore that alot of the time. Well, I do anyway.’

Sleep till Sunrise

Directed by Zoe Hyland

‘So many pre-order album sales. Thank you so much for your support’.





The debut single from The Cold Explodes ‘Send the Ships’ featuring

Michael Head

Is now avaialable.

Watch the video here.

Send the Ships, also featurers as the opening track to the forthcoming chilling debut album, ‘The Cold Explodes’. Written as an account of Manilarajj taking extreme lengths to resolve situations that were supposed to lay unresolved.

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Pre-orders of ‘The Cold Explodes’ debut album are available to pre-order here.

Muscian Danny Roger in delamere Forest. Pormotional Shots for hi

Photograph by Adam Lee

The Cold Explodes

Exclusive album playback Saturday February 6th 2016

Ahead of The Cold Explodes chilling debut album release set for February 20th 2016, we would like to anounce the opportuity to attend an exclusive pre release album playback on February 6th 2016 at

The Bluecoat Chambers

School Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3BX.

Doors to the performance space will be opened at 7pm with a prompt start at 7.30. There will be an Intimate performce from the face behind ‘The Cold Explodes’ Manilarajj on the evening.

A pair of tickets will be offered to the first fifty pre-sale orders of The Cold Explodes’ debut album available to order here;

Pre sale orders will be taken from 9am on Saturday 16th January 2016.

‘Sleep till Sunrise’ video shoot


The video shoot for the second single from the forthcoming debut album from ‘The Cold Explodes’ was filmed this evening on location at the Bluecoat Chambers.

The Video features dancer Chloe Ludden performing alongside Manilarajj in a beautifully surreal depth of isolation.

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